D i x i e l a n d e r s

–  A b o u t  u s –

Formed in 1978 in Jena (Germany) the DIXIELANDERS at present play in a new formation, starting with three new members at the beginning of 2003. Originally inspired by the Jazz of the twenties currently the band plays swinging Dixieland of the thirties and forties, stylistically oriented in particular to the late ´Chicago Style´ and to some ´Harlem Jazz´ elements. Besides an interesting repertoire with some rarely heard tunes the diversified wind and vocal arrangements and especially the well-versed solo improvisations take centre stage of our performance. An additional outstanding trademark is the instrumentation of tuba together with guitar, which undoubtedly forms the unmistakeable fresh and at the same time swinging-rousing sound of the band. The fun and pleasure of the six well experienced jazzmen in playing swinging music spread inevitably to the audience (´and sometimes also the hardest Jazz sourpuss begins to tap his toes´) – this may be one reason for the success of the band. Appearances at countless functions as well as at nationwide and international festivals may demonstrate the popularity of the DIXIELANDERS.

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